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Java R6.5 API AdminP approve method woes
~Paul Regeroburjip 26.Jan.04 05:04 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.5 All Platforms

Thanks. I'll try the Document.getNoteID method. I was hoping to avoid this, as now the application will have to explicitly open the admin4.nsf database, search for the an adminp request document, hopefully find the correct one, and approve it using the Document.getNoteID as a parameter for the appropriate approve method (i.e approveMailFileDeletion).
I was hoping that the note ID String returned from the java AdministrationProcess.deleteUser method would have some useful value with regard to the approveMethods in the AdministrationProcess class.
According to the AdministrationProcess class documentation, every method in the class returns a String that represents "the note ID of an entry created in the Administration Requests database" (Lotus Domino Designer 6.5 Help | Java/CORBA Classes | Java Classes A-Z | Administration Process class). To my best understanding, the NoteID passed back does not represent what the documentation claims. Is this a defect in the software, the documentation, or my reasoning?
Does anyone know a useful purpose for the NoteID string that is returned from the AdministrationProcess class's methods?


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